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The Unfiltered Truth

Sometimes people get to the point where the unfiltered truth must come out, regardless of how people feel about it. Such is the case of Julian Assange, who has leaked over 500,000 classified US documents to the public. Within those documents are damaging, and even embarrassing statements that have been made about world leaders – information that could in many ways, harm diplomatic relationships between nations. These classified documents tell the real truth about these leaders, and what they really think, unfiltered. What would happen if your classified data was leaked?

There are many people who are embarrassed at being themselves. So as a result, they suppress the treasure of who they are as “classified,” and present to the world an edited version of their personality. I am convinced that many people have become so used to hiding the truth about themselves, that they don’t even realize they are doing it – until they are exposed. Then, when the true person is revealed, they fight back, or hide in shame.

What if we could live life, unfiltered? I don’t mean to say that we should live life in a rude, offensive manner, not bridling our tongue when necessary. I mean to say, a life where our personal issues no longer determine what we can, and cannot do; where fear no longer determines our ability to speak up, when necessary; a life where there is real laughter, and tears of joy; where our yes, is yes, and our no, is no! Then when we are exposed, what the world sees is a surprise to no one because they know well, the true, you.

Imagine being free to be the true, you, in public. This life is possible if we choose not to put our true character into “classified” status, and present to the world, the unfiltered truth about ourselves. Can you be brave enough to be your truest self?

Still becoming,

Niral Russell Burnett


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